Hypoallergenic Soaps

These hypoallergenic soaps are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction even in people prone to allergies.

However, let us say here that most allergic reactions are to synthetic fragrance, colorants, and detergents, none of which we use in any of our products.

4.5 oz
Over a decade ago, LaRee DeFreece developed our first soaps. Of all the varieties she created, this pure, unscented Castile soap is still her favorite. She loves the nourishing, moisturizing addition of extra shea butter and avocado oil. LaRee’s Scent Free is also available with groundoatmeal. Oatmeal exfoliates dead skin cells and offers colloidal benefits to further soothe and soften skin.
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4.5 oz
Hands down, we get more positive reports on our Lavender Oatmeal than on any other bar. Many customers tell us that longstanding skin problems, like eczema, disappeared after using this soap. Use it for face and body. It’s so popular that, to suit a variety of skin types, we offer the soap in three different grinds of oatmeal, Regular, Extra Exfoliating, and Extra Colloidal. In the exfoliating action, oats scrub away dead skin cells. In the colloidal action, oatmeal binds moisturizing emollients to your skin, making it softer and more elastic. Most everyone will be happy with our regular Lavender Oatmeal. It has lightly ground oats to scrub, moisturize and soothe nearly any skin type. Lavender Oatmeal--Extra Exfoliating is perfect for young, firm skin. A good scrub invigorates and leaves a glow. As we age, though, skin gets thinner. Less exfoliation is preferable. Lavender Oatmeal--Extra Colloidal with finely ground oatmeal will suit Grandma better. The floral fragrance of lavender, loved for centuries, will both calm and delight your spirits. In fact, aromatherapists prescribe lavender as an antidepressant. The essential oil of lavender in our bars also makes them anti-bacterial and antifungal. A word about fragrance: Natural floral fragrances, like rose or jasmine, come from labor intensive harvesting of seasonally available flower petals. Hence, most floral essential oils are costly and found only in expensive perfumes. On the other hand, entire fields of lavender plants are harvested to produce lavender essential oil. Our bars are completely natural and still reasonably priced. In addition to soothing oatmeal and delightful scent, our Lavender Oatmeal bars all have a healthy dose of moisturizing shea butter. The shea butter coats your skin with protective, nourishing emollient. Shea butter is so thick and creamy you’d think it would clog pores. But it doesn’t; it is considered noncomedogenic.
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