All Soaps

“Holy cow! — I had no idea how different a bar of soap could be. I was really struck that it lathered really well and left my skin incredibly soft. Even my elbows! I'm definitely hooked.” Jackie Bunnell, Lawrence, KS

“I love your soaps... I have used other all natural soaps in the past but none come even close to Herbaria.” Catherine Angelos, Gardner, MA

“There is absolutely no soap like yours to be found out here on the West Coast, and believe me, I've hunted!” Martha Austen Vender, San Francisco, CA


Most of our soaps are $5.95 each. Premium bars, which contain more costly essential oils, are $7.50 each. Also included on this All Soaps page are shaving soaps, Sampler Stacks, Choice Kits, and our laundry soap, Burano.