Our cleanest, freshest scent yet.

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CamphOregano Soap

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Our cleanest, freshest scent yet.

Our proprietary blend of camphor, oregano and carrot seed essential oils creates a bright, unparalleled aroma for your shower or bath. You’ll love how it cleans and feels from face to feet.

The camphor essential oil we use comes from the camphor tree, Cinnamomum camphora, a first cousin of cinnamon. Both are members of the Laurel family. Used safely for centuries, camphor is stimulating, feels cool on the skin and gently opens your sinuses.

Essential oil of oregano, frequently used in perfumery, lends a floral aspect to this heady bouquet. Carrot seed essential oil gives the earthy depth of the fragrance.

Like all of our soaps, CamphOregano™ is moisturizing. In addition to our hydrating soap base, we’ve added skin-nourishing hemp seed oil. The herbal green of the bar comes from pulverized parsley.

The cool and creamy lather serves well as a shaving soap, also.

washing hands with CamphOregano

CamphOregano feels cool on the skin.

“I'm always excited about our latest soap variety, but this one is above and beyond”

Ken Gilberg, St. Louis, MO



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