An unusually delightful gift

All Natural

Cutie Bundle

11 mini-bars, .8 oz each, 8.8 oz total

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An unusually delightful gift

Get all eleven Cuties in one bundle of joy. These are our best-selling varieties in a mini bar size, perfect for sampling.


Individual Cuties weigh approximately .8oz each.

Herbaria all natural handmade soap

“Very happy return customer ... I have converted three sisters and a daughter-in-law to your wonderful soaps.”

Nancy Bennett, Martinsville, IN

“Your soap came in the mail Wednesday. I had my first shower that night and I fell in love with this soap. I feel so clean and soft when I get out of the bath. And I don't walk around in a cloud of perfume all day. I just have a clean smell. That is just what I wanted. Thank you for having such a special product.”

Wanda J. Koerner, Alum Bridge, WV

All Cuties Contain

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