Better to halve and to hold

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2.25 oz each

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Better to halve and to hold

Some customers tell us they enjoy a smaller bar in their hands. They cut our soaps in half. So here are 20 of our top varieties already halved down the middle. (If you’re looking for bars cut to make two flat soaps, check out our Custom Party Favors.)

Ha'bars™, pronounced “hay-bars," make great guest soaps, too. Each Ha'bar is individually wrapped in translucent paper.

Use the drop-down menu to select each variety and add to your cart. We also offer Ha’Bar Pick 6 Gift Sets in decorated gift boxes.

Each Ha'bar counts as half an item towards our buy 6 get 1 free offer.

Ha'bars weigh 2.25 oz

Available varieties

Half Bars weigh approximately 2.25oz each.

child washing handsKids suds them up in their little hands.Herbaria cutie soaps in hand


The Brits call a half-penny a ha’penny. Ha’pennies were minted from 1672–1967. The United States minted half-cent coins from 1793 to 1857.

Ha'bars Pick 6

Pick 6 Ha'bar Gift Set.

Pick 12 Ha'bars Gift Set

Pick 12 Habar Gift Set.