Kimmy Fordyce's Favorites

Kimmy Fordyce

French Lavender Soap - "I love using French Lavender soap because of its scent, lather, and of course its beautiful purple color with white swirls. Rumor has it that "ole Blue Eyes" loved Lavender, so what's not to love?"

Lavender Oatmeal Soap - "At times I use the Lavender Oatmeal (medium grind). It provides the perfect amount of exfoliation for my aging skin."

Coconut Oil - "My go-to oil for moisturizing. I love its texture and the way it leaves my skin feeling for a long time."

Goodbye Headache - "I have experienced what's called 'rebound headaches' for a  long time. When Goodbye Headache came along I found it was a fabulous substitute for any type of over the counter pain relievers. And so much better for me to use. Yeah!!!"

Citronella Mist - "With very serious consequences that can come from a mosquito bite, I use our Citronella Mist for protection. Hands down, it's so much better than Deet. Besides, it's better for the environment."




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