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Mega Luffa Soap

18 oz

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This massive, 18-ounce hunk of soap offers a uniquely exhilarating bathing experience that lasts weeks and weeks. Natural luffa embedded in the bar makes a super exfoliating scrub. The tantalizing aroma comes from prized essential oils like bay rum, bay laurel, bergamot, and ylang ylang. You might consider this a manly bar due to its scent and size. Indeed, it takes a large hand to hold a Mega Luffa. Shea butter in the bar leaves your skin moisturized even after such a vigorous scrub.

Until it wears down a bit and the luffa is exposed, you'll need a washcloth to hold the slippery cylinder. The washcloth will come in handy for cleaning your ears anyway. You'll scrub the rest of your body in record time. Comes with a loop of hemp rope to hang up and dry out the soap between uses.

At $29.95, Mega Luffa Soap is our most expensive single bar to date. If you think about it, that's the price of an inexpensive wine at a restaurant, gone within the hour.

Want to get your guy a really great gift? Give him a Mega Luffa with an offer to wash his back.

“Not just a bar of soap, but an experience."

Ken Gilberg, St. Louis, MO


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