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Fundraising with Herbaria products can earn funds for your nonprofit. Once your customers have tried Herbaria, they’ll buy again in subsequent fundraisers.

Essential oils are all the rage. Folks have gotten wise to the value of these natural treasures.    

Ambiente Room Fresheners and Linen Sprays won’t choke the air with synthetic fragrance and aerosols.

Goodbye Headache is one of our best-loved products. It has helped many.

Burano Laundry Soap cleans clothes without detergent, fragrance and other additives. 

Essential Oils
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Because youve asked, we now sell 45 of the same pure essential oils we use to scent our soaps and other products. They come in half-ounce and one-ounce amber glass bottles with screw caps. Select them from the dropdown list. Over the past dozen years, we have established reliable suppliers of quality oils from all over the world. Because we purchase in bulk, we can offer smaller quantities to you at a good price.

Goodbye Headache
Soap Sack



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