Tom Chulick's Favorites

Tom Chulick

Almond Green Tea Soap - "You can't really go wrong with this soap: it smells great, almond is excellent for your skin, and if that wasn't enough it even has green tea in it!"

Beard Oil - "I have a beard and nothing makes it smoother than using our beard oils. Typically I use the Unscented oil but if I'm trying to be fancy, I go for Bay Rum. Can't go wrong either way."

Bath Bombs - "I enjoy a nice bath from time to time and nothing amplifies the experience quite like one of our bath bombs. To start, they fizz when they go in the water, so that's fun. After that, they release their essential oils and salts into the water--feels just amazing! I typically toss in the whole bath bomb, but if you like to stretch things out you can break them in half. 10 out of 10 I would recommend." 

Deodorants - "Every time I use Rose Bergamot, someone will ask me what cologne I'm wearing. It smells great and really gets the job done without fail."

Sassafras Birch Soap - "This soap truly is the knees of bees. Every time I smell it, I'm reminded of relaxing summer nights and drinking root beer with friends. One more reason I like this soap is that birch makes me think of my Swedish ancestors, who lived in birch forests."


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