Natural ant repellent—safe and effective

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Ant Away

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Natural ant repellent—safe and effective

Why is this ant smiling? He’s escaping with his life.

We hate to use toxic chemicals around our family and pets but nobody wants ants in their kitchen.

Ant Away is safe to use around children, pets and food preparation areas. It contains only clear essential oils and water and smells pleasantly spicy, of cinnamon and clove. Simply mist your counter tops, sills and floor with Ant Away where ants travel.

Why does it work? Ants use scent to communicate, laying trails of pheromones to direct colony members to food they’ve found. Ant Away masks their communication trails. It’s like trying to have a conversation at a Metallica concert.

In this NPR report, learn how one species of house ant, Tapinoma sessile, has been exploding in population over the past 10 years.

Spray Ant Away as often as you like. It may take four or five days for the ants to give up and go. Our only caution is to test our product for staining on absorbent surfaces.

Ant Away meets the requirements for a minimum risk pesticide exempted from FIFRA regulations, U.S. EPA. We dislike Ant Away being classified as a pesticide at all. Doesn’t “-cide” imply killing?

cinnamon and cloves photo

Clove, cinnamon and cassia essential oils make Ant Away smell great.

animated ant

“I am so glad I found your Ant Away. The stuff is AMAZING! We had ants in the kitchen. It’s great to use the spray right on the counter tops without concern of chemical contamination in food prep areas.”

Theresa Barnard, Tulsa, OK

“Your spray really works and the smell is delightful.”

Sarah Katz, Brooklyn, NY

“Recently we had our home inspected for termites. The inspector said, ‘You don’t have termites, but you do have ants. By the way, ants eat termite larvae.’

“Because we use Ant Away, we don’t have ants in our kitchen anymore and we’re not worried about ants living around our house.

“We’re happy that we can repel ants without killing them. If we used poison on the ants, soon we’d have to poison the termites. We’d end up poisoning ourselves and the environment.”

Elaine Harner, Kirkwood, MO

“The ants were driving us crazy until we used your Ant Away. Now, we’ll need a new obsession!”

Naomi Warren, Richmond, WA


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