Artisinal bar with a lemon-lavender scent

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Terrazzo Soap

7.5 oz

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Artisinal bar with a lemon-lavender scent

We’ve made batches of these handsome Terrazzo bars and sold them in our store, but here is the first version we are offering online, scented with essential oils of may chang and lavender.

Terrazzo Soap

These large bars, at least 7.5-ounces each, are grooved on the sides to grip the wet soap in the shower.

Terrazzo bars are a combination of scraps from any number of our varieties, glued with a cement of our soap. They are heated, tempered and compressed. The rounds hold firmly together and last a remarkably long time.

Like all of our soaps, a Terrazzo bar will clean and moisturize your skin perfectly.

Children who visit Herbaria on the Hill enjoy making soap cutouts for bathtime. With hundreds of visitors a year, we are happy we can recycle these scraps into something wonderful.



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