It's the real thing.

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Egyptian Luffa


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It's the real thing.

Luffas (also spelled loofahs) have been used for bathing since the days of the pharaohs. Indeed, these whole luffas are grown in the Nile Delta of Egypt where they get enough sun to grow to mammoth size. They provide an invigorating, gentle scrub to exfoliate dead skin and leave it glowing.

Luffa aegyptica vs L. acutangula

Luffas are the fibrous skeletons of fruits from a vegetable in the cucumber and gourd family. All luffas are not created equal. On the left is our Luffa aegyptiaca, which is soft and gentle when wet. The luffa on the right, not ours, is L. acutangula, hard and rough.

Luffa Package

Our luffas are unbleached. They are shipped to you dried and compressed. Soak one in water for a minute and it will expand. A whole luffa expands to 20-26” long. Cut it into pieces or use it whole.

Luffa growing

Many people mistakenly think luffas are sea creatures but they grow on a vine.

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