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We are continuously creating new products with new scents, new ingredients, new purposes. We act on customer suggestions and our own research and development. We welcome your feedback.

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Essential Oil Starter Kit

Essential Oil Starter Kit

Sweet Orange & Vanilla. Inspired by the favorite ice cream treat.

Terrazzo Soap

Terrazzo soap.

activated charcoal soaps

Activated Charcoal Soaps—Try Biotherapy Black in a bar or luffa and Lavender Licorice.

Luffa Soaps—perfect exfoliation


2-ounce travel and test size moisturizing oils: Almond, Hemp Seed, Jojoba, Avocado Oil

Ha'Bar Gift Set

Buy Ha'bars (half-sized bars), individually or in Gift Sets.

Eucalyptus Mint Ambiete

Eucalyptus Mint Ambiente, newest in our collection of all natural room fresheners and linen sprays.

Neroli Body Mist

Neroli Body Mist—elegant, fresh, natural eau de Cologne.

lip balm

Lip Balms—5 scrumptious flavors

Cutie Bundle

Cutie Bundle—all 11 of our Cuties


Essential oils

Essential Oils—for aromatherapy, bath, household, massage, potpourri...

Soap Sacks

Hand-crocheted Soap Sacks


Every product counts towards our buy 6 get 1 free offer.



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