Magnificent, green and global

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Shaw's Garden Soap

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Magnificent, green and global

Henry Shaw photo

While the Garden has always been known informally as "Shaw’s Garden," Shaw officially named it the Missouri Botanical Garden when it opened to the public in 1859.

green peppercorn plant drawing

Peppercorn oil lends a warm, lively scent.

nettle plant photo

The color of Shaw’s Garden comes from dried nettle leaves. Yes, that’s the stinging nettle, Utica dioica, but dried leaves have no sting. Wise hikers avoid the plant but smart foragers know it is one of the best tasting of all wild greens. Pick nettle tops with gloves and the stinging prickles will dissolve in cooking.

When the Missouri Botanical Garden asked us to create an exclusive bar honoring its 150th anniversary, we crafted Shaw's Garden soap, a uniquely herbal and peppery soap.

We tested many blends of plant oils to develop the bar’s sophisticated fragrance. When we were finally satisfied, we sent a bar to perfumer Thierry Masson of La Rochelle, France, to evaluate the scent. He wrote back enthusiastically. “This bar has good balance—it’s woody, fresh and spicy.”

Each ingredient of the soap reflects the Garden’s mission to discover and share knowledge about plants and their environment. To remember the Garden’s founder, Henry Shaw, we selected a popular scent from his Victorian era, lavender, as a familiar note in the soap’s luscious bouquet. To suggest Missouri, we added cedarwood oil with its resinous aroma. To recognize the Garden’s preservation of biodiversity around the world, we chose katrafay, Cedrelopsis grevei, a little known plant from Madagascar with a captivating smell. Vibrant peppercorn oil, also from Madagascar, adds the finishing note in our Shaw’s Garden bar.

The natural green color of the bar comes from both the powder and the leaf of wild nettle plants. Nettle is a vitamin-rich herb found all over the world. Like all of our bars, Shaw’s Garden will pamper your skin with moisturizing emollients.


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