Just as it’s important to choose natural soap for whole-body skin health, it’s important to pay attention to your selection of moisturizer.

Young skin is luminous because its cells are held together by natural oil, plentiful in the body. As the body ages, it produces less oil. A moisturizing routine is needed to replenish this oil in order to retain moisture, to prevent dry skin and to reduce aging.

Conventional lotions, however, contain very little oil and often a host of chemicals including parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and thickeners. Wax and water are added in order to create the consistency of the lotion most of us are familiar with. However, the wax can build up and lead to clogged pores, trapping in dirt and preventing oil and water from penetrating the skin.

Our essential oils and “butters” provide nutrient rich, lasting moisturizing that nourish and protect your skin naturally. They range from jojoba oil, thin and rapidly absorbing, to shea butter, very thick and slow to penetrate.