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Lavender Oatmeal Soaps

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Lavender Oatmeal Soaps

Our most popular bar, by far

4.5 ounce bar, $5.95 each  
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Choose your oatmeal: fine, medium or coarse

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Lavender, sweet lavender

“I just received the Lavender Oatmeal soap and it was heavenly! Its scent is clean and delicious and the lather is SOOOO creamy! I just love it! Your soaps are absolutely awesome and everyone should know!”

Nadia Dombrowski, Dunnellon, FL

“We have eczema and rosacea in our family and your soap has done wonders. Itchy skin is a thing of the past!!”

Jennifer Hertel, Kenosha, WI

“Your soaps work miracles on my psoriasis! My doctor had prescribed two medications that never worked: Amcinonide and Ciclopirox.

I stopped using the medications and used your Lavender Oatmeal soap. Today, I am free of psoriasis. I should have taken "before" and "after" pictures (lower back, thighs, and arms) as a testimonial. My wife and son also use your soap and they love it.”

Francisco Woo, El Paso, TX

“I love your lavender oatmeal soap. I am a nurse, so my hands are always dry from constantly washing them between patients. The first time I used it, I washed three times just for the pleasure. Within a week I found that I no longer needed lotion at night.

Then I decided to abuse the bar and left it under running bath water for a bubble bath. And the bar of soap still lasted me a month after two more baths like that! Never before have I taken baths without feeling dehydrated afterwards. And such fine silky bubbles too!

The reason I need to order more so soon is because I keep giving the soap away to friends and family. How many other lavender varieties have you considered? I volunteer to try them all!”

Michelle Hrubik, Norton, OH

“My son remarked that your soap didn't make his skin feel itchy. I think that it is the chemicals in commercial soaps that were bothering him. As I talk to friends about your terrific soap, they tell me their skin doctors are telling them the same thing. This soap you make is not just a luxury... it takes care of an annoying problem quite a few people are researching.”

Pam Schandler, Florissant, MO

“Your soaps are wonderful! My skin has never looked better, no more dryness and flakiness. I'm so glad I found Herbaria! Your soaps are far superior to others that I tried in the past.”

Vivian Segraves, Wellington, FL

“My daughter has very sensitive and dry skin and she has not itched or required repeated lathers of lotion since we started using the soap about two weeks ago.”

Kathy Spencer, Fenton, MO

“I absolutely adore your Lavender Oatmeal soap. It's the best! I must tell you that I have tried many homemade soaps over the years and never have I come across one that didn't dry out my skin. After a week of using the Lavender Oatmeal, I noticed that my arms felt soft and there was no flaking. Even my elbows were soft. I am sold!”

Irene Hommert, Kirkwood, MO

Hands down, we get more positive reports on our Lavender Oatmeal than on any other bar. Many customers tell us that longstanding skin problems, like eczema, disappeared after using this soap.

Use it for face and body. It’s so popular that, to suit a variety of skin types, we offer the soap in three different grinds of oatmeal, Regular, Extra Exfoliating, and Extra Colloidal. In the exfoliating action, oats scrub away dead skin cells. In the colloidal action, oatmeal binds moisturizing emollients to your skin, making it softer and more elastic.

Most everyone will be happy with our regular Lavender Oatmeal. It has lightly ground oats to scrub, moisturize and soothe nearly any skin type. Lavender Oatmeal--Extra Exfoliating is perfect for young, firm skin. A good scrub invigorates and leaves a glow. As we age, though, skin gets thinner. Less exfoliation is preferable. Lavender Oatmeal--Extra Colloidal with finely ground oatmeal will suit Grandma better.

The floral fragrance of lavender, loved for centuries, will both calm and delight your spirits. In fact, aromatherapists prescribe lavender as an antidepressant. The essential oil of lavender in our bars also makes them anti-bacterial and antifungal.

A word about fragrance: Natural floral fragrances, like rose or jasmine, come from labor intensive harvesting of seasonally available flower petals. Hence, most floral essential oils are costly and found only in expensive perfumes. On the other hand, entire fields of lavender plants are harvested to produce lavender essential oil. Our bars are completely natural and still reasonably priced.

In addition to soothing oatmeal and delightful scent, our Lavender Oatmeal bars all have a healthy dose of moisturizing shea butter. The shea butter coats your skin with protective, nourishing emollient. Shea butter is so thick and creamy you’d think it would clog pores. But it doesn’t; it is considered noncomedogenic.

What makes this soap moisturizing and good for your skin:

  • The olive oil in the soap base
  • The naturally occurring glycerin in cold-process soap
  • The shea butter added for skin conditioning
  • The oatmeal holding moisturizers to your skin
  • The lavender essential oil also pampers your skin

Venus uses herbaria lavender oatmeal soap

Lavender Oatmeal--fit for the Medicis


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Lavender Oatmeal Soaps

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